About us

Slootweg is a one-stop shop for mixing and packaging systems for use in the substrate, wood-processing and recycling industries. We handle every aspect of your project, from concept to execution, so you can stay focused on your core business while we provide a turnkey installation.

Family business

The family business, founded in the 1930s with the sale of agricultural implements, has grown into a company that can call itself a national and international leader in the substrate industry when it comes to the delivery of complete computer-controlled mixing installations.

Now longer simply a supplier of machinery, today we deliver complete solutions. Our decades of experience with screening, mixing, conveying and packaging a wide variety of raw materials puts us in a unique position to offer valuable consulting services.

In addition to a modern engineering department – which is able to provide an accurate 3D representation of the planned installation before production starts – and our own machine factory, we also have a number of strategic partners. With this strategy we always have a suitable solution for you.

We at Slootweg and our partners are concerned about our natural world and the environment and continuously seek cleaner, more efficient solutions through which we can do our part as socially responsible companies to protect our planet.


Slootweg has as its mission to become the market leader in the development, supply and maintenance of systems used in professional production environments within the agricultural and related sectors in the focus countries. Aspects Slootweg considers essential to achieving this include:

- Cooperation
- Knowledge of the facts
- High return on investment
- Intelligent systems
- Innovation
- High quality
- Excellent service

In the relationship with our customers we have made it our mission to put all these principles into practice. This leads to lasting, close partnerships in which Slootweg serves the role of reliable, innovative turnkey supplier.

Slootweg is a dynamic, market- and result-oriented organization with a healthy drive and fighting spirit. All the employees have respect for each other’s knowledge and skills and actively seek cooperation in the conviction that this results in competitive advantage.