Project engineering

The success of a complete installation is more than just designing and delivering a group of machines. It involves much more than that. The logistical arrangement and knowledge of raw materials are certainly equally important. Decades of experience make Slootweg the most suitable partner to provide the optimal solution for your logistical challenges.

Our motto:


To fully benefit from your installation and minimize risks, Slootweg can provide a team of specialists and consultants to assist you through all stages, from the initial plans to execution and beyond.

3D design is a standard part of our approach. With this technology we are able to offer our customers a realistic model that shows how the installation will look upon completion before development even begins. Often we also have drawings of the building in which the installation is to be housed. Because the 3D model can be rotated 360 degrees, the installation can be viewed from any angle, making it possible to ensure that no spatial conflicts will arise during assembly on location.

Benefits for the customer:
- A clear representation of the installation to be built ahead of time
- Less risk of unexpected obstacles during assembly
- Shorter lead time for assembly due to 3D preparation
- Possibility to combine engineering with other disciplines
- Good, reliable financial plan