Premier Tech is pleased to announce the acquisition of Slootweg Machinefabriek by its Industrial Equipment Group (IEG). This acquisition allows IEG to expand its worldwide presence and reinforce its status as a leader in processing and packaging equipment in the growing media market while giving Slootweg customers access to an even more integrated product portfolio. By joining forces, IEG and Slootweg will bring their clients a local presence with a global reach, with almost 200 installation, commissioning and field service technicians strategically located.

IEG and Slootweg share a common approach: to develop close relationships with their clients and become a one-stop-shop leader providing the best solutions in the substrate, wood processing, and recycling industries. Premier Tech’s acquisition of Slootweg greatly improves IEG’s ability to serve its client base in the growing media sector. Together, IEG and Slootweg will work closely with their clients to help them win in their own marketplace around the world.

From concept to execution

The success of a complete installation is more than just designing and delivering a group of machines. It involves much more than that. The logistical arrangement and knowledge of raw materials are certainly equally important. Decades of experience make Slootweg the most suitable partner to provide the optimal solution for your logistical challenges.


Slootweg is a dynamic, market- and result-oriented organization, in which sustainability plays an important role. Our project organization is customer-oriented, our consultancy is based on 85 years of experience, and our solutions are reliable, durable and of the highest quality.
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Machinery and techniques for mixing, dosing, screening and transporting of a wide variety of raw materials.

Machinery and techniques that fit well to recycling processes.

Machinery and techniques in the making of fibers and the cutting of bark.

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  • Anticipating on the food problem

    Slootweg is acutely aware that producing enough food to feed everyone is becoming an ever greater concern in today’s world. The growing world population and the social pressure to supply the food needed to allow everyone a dignified existence are important drivers. There is also a rising expectation that more can be grown in less space.

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Welcome to Slootweg

Slootweg, market leader in the horticulture and substrate industry. We are a manufacturer and supplier of reliable computer-controlled mixing and screening installations, crushers, mills and high-tech packaging systems. Our installations are used around the world in the substrate industry, building materials industry and the recycling industry.

Our project management is customer-oriented and always results in a solution that fits the needs of the customer and meets the required standards. We are knowledgeable about products and regulations from all corners of the globe and serve customers around the world.

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