Receiving hopper

This receiving hopper is used in a packaging line for processing finished product, except for those materials that exhibit a strong tendency for bridge formation.

This intake hopper is used in a packing line fort the processing of finished product, with the exception of the materials with a strong tendency to bridging. For the packing hopper there are lower requirements concerning eventual oscillations in the result. The hopper is also applied in mix lines for the dosage of easy moving aggregates. With heavy materials, a roof construction is being placed in the hopper. The result is regulated with a frequency control with a regulation ratio of 1:10. The hopper is equipped with two oblique sides.

Hopper is suitable for processing of:

Packing hopper:
- Finished product
- ´ü«Potting compost
- Garden peat

Dosing hopper:
- Sand
- Perlite
- Clay granules