Four-station baler

Designed for packaging compressible materials such as natural or synthetic fibers, the VP-410 is a reliable fully automatic baler which offers one of the best compression ratios on the market. Appreciated for its versatility, the VP-410 can handle a wide variety of products and can package them in many different bag sizes.

Vertical form, fill and seal baler

The EA-450 Series Vertical Form, Fill and Seal Baler is a fully automated system that makes its own bags from a roll of flat polyethylene film, which results in a major reduction in packaging materials and direct labor costs

Insulation bagger

The HVS-400 Series Horizontal Form, Fill and Seal Baler (FFS Baler) produces hermetic bales of very high quality.

T2 Bagger

This full automatic bagging machine is suitable for the making of, among other things, pillow and side-folding bags from polyethylene rolls.

High level bag palletiser

The HPL SERIES high level layer palletiser with high level bag in feed has been developed to meet middle and high ranged performance needs of modern bagging lines. The increased performance of the high level model is achieved by depositing the entire layer onto a pallet, which is lowered step by step and by ensuring the processes run simultaneously.

Robot Palletiser for bags

The RPL SERIES robot palletisers are the most efficient robotic cells for virtually any palletising need. We have combined our innovative engineering and control capabilities with our leading edge bag preparation and pallet handling technology to offer the best solution for a diverse range of palletising applications.

Stretch hooder

STRETCH-ALL is a universal applicable pallet load securing system based on stretch hood technology to secure a large range of stacked loads to pallets. The system guarantees optimum product safety by protecting it against humidity, UV and other weather conditions as well as against the danger of cargo shift during transport. The STRETCH ALL series requires little maintenance and is easy to operate. All functions are either motorised or pneumatically driven.

BD 500/HS Bagging machine

This BD 500/HS bagging machine fills, vibrates and seals the bags with a maximum capacity of 750 bags per hour. A bag supply space or a tubular film measuring machine is used for the automatic bag supply or tubular film supply. The electronic driven dosing conveyor measures into doses different bulk products based on the volume.

P2300 Full automatic winder

The P2300 is a full automatic rotation arm winder machine with the property of having the rotation arm, equipped with a powered press stretch film cart, turning around the pallet without damaging the pallet charge.

BigBig-Bale press

This full automatic Big-Bale press is used to compress, pack and palletize many kinds of compressible bulk products. During the process, the wrap foil is stretched in order to use a minimum quantity of foil. This results in a cost savings compared with traditional packaging.