Four-station baler

Designed for packaging compressible materials such as natural or synthetic fibers, the VP-410 is a reliable fully automatic baler which offers one of the best compression ratios on the market. Appreciated for its versatility, the VP-410 can handle a wide variety of products and can package them in many different bag sizes.

The VP-410 consists of an indexing turntable with four stations, each with a specific function. The first station (bag feeding/bale ejecting station) is a bag feeder which transfers the filled bale on an outfeed conveyor and places a new bag in the compression tube. Product is fed in the bag at the second station (filling station), and then compressed at the third station (compression station). The fourth station (sealing station) is a bag-closing module that seals the filled bag.
All modules are operated by a single programmable logic controller through a user-friendly operator interface. The bagging system offers a full line of options and is built for specific customer needs.

Production Rate
Up to 6 bales/minute
Length: 319'' (8100 mm)
Width: 254'' (6450 mm)
Height: 204'' to 242'' (5180 to 6147 mm)