High level bag palletiser

The HPL SERIES high level layer palletiser with high level bag in feed has been developed to meet middle and high ranged performance needs of modern bagging lines. The increased performance of the high level model is achieved by depositing the entire layer onto a pallet, which is lowered step by step and by ensuring the processes run simultaneously.

The HPL SERIES is designed for bag palletising in layer formats from 3 to 10 bags per layer for euro, industrial or chemical pallets (others upon request). The palletiser is suitable for any type of bag, closed either by sewing or heat sealing, as well as for valve bags and is independent of the kind of bag material. The standard version modules are equipped with a leveling and flattening device; roller conveyor with turning device; central unit with layer forming and transferring unit; loading roller conveyor; pallet magazine for empty pallets; loaded pallet roller conveyor; operating and maintenance platform; and a central control unit. Depending upon the required performance the modular systems can reach outputs of up to 2.800 bags per hour (depending upon specification). The process steps are: start bag transport, bag pressing, bag turning, layer formation, layer compacting and layer positioning.

Production Rate
Up to 47 BPM depending upon
Bag materials
Paper, Polyethylene (PE), Paper
with PE-inliner or PE-coating,
laminated polypropylene