Robot Palletiser for bags

The RPL SERIES robot palletisers are the most efficient robotic cells for virtually any palletising need. We have combined our innovative engineering and control capabilities with our leading edge bag preparation and pallet handling technology to offer the best solution for a diverse range of palletising applications.

The in-house manufactured gripper allows the RPL SERIES to satisfy the many different palletisation requirements of modern packaging installations. Our robots can palletise up to 1,800 bags per hour in multi pick-up configuration. The heavy duty robotic cell can simultaneously gather bags, bales or containers from many different incoming product lines. It can be configured to fit in confined spaces to palletise incoming product. The system is characterised by its wide flexibility of use and low maintenance requirements. This Robot Palletiser is compatible with all common standard industrial pallets. All our equipment is PLC controlled with user-friendly human machine interfaces. The RPL SERIES can handle boxes, bundles, cases, cans, drums, trays, bags, bales etc.

Production Rate
Up to 30 BPM
Bag materials
Paper, polyethylene (PE),
laminated polypropylene, paper
with PEā€“liner or PE-coating,