BigBig-Bale press

This full automatic Big-Bale press is used to compress, pack and palletize many kinds of compressible bulk products. During the process, the wrap foil is stretched in order to use a minimum quantity of foil. This results in a cost savings compared with traditional packaging.

A Big- Bale can vary in volume from 2 until 7 m3 with a height of 1 to 2.5 meters. The Big-Bale press has a production capacity of maximum 22 bales per hour for one compression. Due to the application of the patented compression table, high pressures - up to 65 tonnes - can be achieved without damaging the pallet. Pallets of 800 of 1.00 × 1.200 mm can be used without the reconstruction of the pressing shaft. The Big-Bale is stable and closed at the upper- and lower side. This minimizes hatching, prevents contamination of product and terrain, and allows outside storage.