Project in Chile

The substrates market is known as a traditional market in which it is clear to all what each provider does and which target groups they serve. This is precisely why it is nice to find that there are newcomers with innovative ideas who approach us at Slootweg to see if we can add value to their innovative concepts.

Important aspects of this customer’s business model are: scalability, reliability, quality and ease of operation. Slootweg can satisfy all these conditions, and we presented the customer with a project proposal that satisfies the requirements of the local legislation and standards in Chile and fully meets the client’s wishes.

This customer’s first line began producing in mid-July and has been functioning perfectly ever since. The concept is now being duplicated at production locations in other countries.

The success of this concept can be clearly seen from the growth figures the client shared with us. Considerable growth of the location in Chile is already expected in 2017, which will necessitate higher capacity from the mixing line. The scalability of the installation has therefore become an important design criteria for ensuring that this growth can be achieved without difficulties.