Project in England

After a devastating fire that completely shut down their production, our customer contacted us to ask how quickly we could deliver new production lines to get production started again. While the builder was still busy constructing a new production facility, we worked with the customer to develop an action plan.

This included an analysis to determine whether there were still parts of the production equipment that could be reused. Within a week all the risks and opportunities and a financial plan were on the table, the project and HSE plan were approved, and the starting shot was fired for the design and construction of a completely new, fully automatic mixing line and three packaging lines, including the wiring and control system for the entire installation.

During the engineering phase Slootweg had a team dismantle usable parts at the damaged site and reassemble them at one of the customer’s other sites so that some of the lost production capacity could be accommodated at that location.

In the end, just five months after the fire, the customer was ready to resume production with a new mixing installation in a completely new production facility.

Knowledge, flexibility, professionalism and attention to safety were all attributed to Slootweg by the company’s management during the opening speech. It was a successful project, completed both on budget and on time.