Project in the Netherlands

In 2016 a completely new construction project was started practically in our company’s backyard. A clear and ambitious strategic plan lay behind the construction of this new facility. The ambition was reflected in the precise project plan that included many new innovations.

Slootweg won the contract to provide the mixing lines for this project.

The project was characterized by exacting project specifications, strict safety requirements, flexibility and creativity of the contractors, and knowledge.

With a good team of professionals and reliable partners, Slootweg succeeded in meeting all the established milestones and delivering the production lines – including control boxes, weighing equipment and cabling – on time and turnkey ready.

Dosing in kg AND m3 was one of the customer’s requirements. Slootweg devised an innovative solution to meet this requirement with which we are able to calculate the volume and specific gravity of the substrate completely contact-free and with high accuracy (< 5%). In contrast to other available measuring instruments, the Slootweg solution is an inline system that measures continuously throughout the entire production process and logs the information.