Stone seperator

The system is based on the principle that materials with a different density and shape are fed into a high speed air stream and light fraction gets airborne and are blown over a rotating drum and dragged into an air expansion chamber where the light fraction falls and is collected onto a discharge conveyor.

The advantages are that no material is transported trough duct lines what avoids wear and clogging in duct lines, therefore also the adjustability of the separation air speed is no longer depending on the airspeed to transport materials trough duct lines and for that reason the separator is maximal adjustable what is the reason that different material types can be separated very accurate.

Partly closed circulating system and dust filter
The air from the expansion chamber(s) returns to the main fan(s) after which the air is partly is diverted to a dust filter and to the separator blow mouth.

Due to the diversion a part of the air to a dust filter there is a negative pressure in the system what causes that at the in feed and discharge(s) of the system no dust can escape from the system.

Versions Drum Air Separators
The systems can be delivered in 3 versions depending on the required quantity of fractions and in different width from 800 mm up to 1600 mm depending on the in feed material volumes and the differences in density and shape of the fraction to be separated.

Depending on the material and the difference in density and shape of the fractions to be separated the processed volume can be up to approximately 400 – 600 m3/hour